The MIDSUMMER collection

SS19 Catalogue release

The Scandinavian nature has always been our greatest source of inspiration. For this collection we have focused on the image of the sky and changing light during the Midsummer months. At this time of year idyllic and intense pastel colours emerge, especially as the sun rises in the early hours of the morning.

This view is a blissful pleasure for the eye and soul.

In Northern Europe, the celebration of the summer solstice, or Sankt Hans, is considered one of the year’s most important events. The celebration of Sankt Hans takes a slightly altered form in each country.

In Denmark, it consists of large bonfires, singing, seasonal food and most importantly, meeting with friends and family. When we take a look at our Swedish friends across Öresund, the celebration differs slightly, and is very beautiful and idyllic. Families reunite at the farm, the summerhouse or the island getaway and celebrate with great traditional lunches outside. Wild flowers are collected, and colourful wreaths are braided and placed in the girls’ hair. During the afternoon, villages gather together, hold hands and dance around the maypole.

While our way of celebrating this time of year varies, the essence of the celebration is the same. It is about creating joy and warmth between people and making new memories with your loved ones. It is about celebrating our beautiful nature and the long bright days and nights after those long winter months.

This is exactly the mood which we would like to capture with the new SS19 collection.

This collection is a tribute to the Nordic Midsummer.

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